PT. BBP Albasia Plywood Mill

 Pacific Ring Incorporated (PRI)
    Pacific Ring Incorporated (PRI) is a multinational distributor of renewable wood products from Indonesia. By working directly with our manufacturing companies, PT. Albasia Bhumiphala Persada (ABP) and PT. Binalestari Bhumiphala Persada (BBP), we are able to provide premium quality wood products for the international marketplace. Through our unique partnership with ABP and BBP, we deliver these products on time, efficiently, and cost effectively.
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    PRI is determined to deliver premium quality products from sustainable business practices. We use Albasia trees that are 100% plantation-grown in Indonesia. These trees, which are harvestable after 5-7 years, are a renewable species naturally designed to prevent soil erosion.

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 Albasia Wood
    Working predominantly with Albasia wood, we engineer and produce the following wood products: Blockboard & Platform, Drawer Sets, Furniture & Door Components, Panel/Lumber Core, and Plywood. Many products are available with hardwood faces and backs. With almost 20 years of manufacturing experience and nearly 2,000 employees, the quality, performance, and consistency of our products is unmatched.
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 Partner Companies
    Our clients include some of the largest and most profitable woodworking companies in Japan, China, Taiwan, South East Asia, North America, Europe and South Korea. We distribute vast amounts of edge-glued and finger-joint panels, and we can also create custom wood products upon request.
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